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Can't re-roll for additional gear mod slots anymore? :: Tom Clancy's The Division ...

4th mod slot | Forums With 1.6 there is now showing a 4th mod slot on on your backpack. I've been unable to add anything to this slot as a mod. Is this a glitch?

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The second symbol is your gear mods, as you level up and get specialized and above gear, you will notice that your gear may have a mod slot. You place these gear mods in this slot to improve the overall effectiveness of you gear. I hope this has helped and if you have any more questions, pm me or post again here. The Division: everything you need to know about gear mods And one area that can easily be overlooked is your gear and how to modify it for better stats and bonuses. ... The Division: everything you need to know about gear mods ... Now you’re getting ...

This makes for an okay roll on a chest if you didn't manage two mod slots, but outside of that, it's far too situational to bother gearing toward. If you're interested in having a counter for such attacks, a great means is to carry a 2 set of Final Measure gear, ready to be equipped and grant 50% exotic damage resilience.

The Division 2 FX Slots: How to Get FX Mods in The... |… You’ll notice a slot for FX mods on some of your Skills. Here’s all you need to know about them.It’s where you’ll find all of our The Division 2 Guides content, from a look at where to find Gear Dyes, toUnfortunately, the only way to get FX Slot Mods in The Division 2 is by purchasing special editions... Division 2 mods explained - how to unlock mods... |… A quick word on Division 2 skill mods before we cover the basics as they operate in a slightlyTo do that check your actual gear - the backpacks, knee pads and so on that you're wearing.As of right now, there are two main means by which players can unlock Division 2 mods.There will be a designated number of slots (the little squares) on a weapon for mods, ranging from underbarrel rails... Best in Slot Stat Guide: How Armor works / Best stats on each piece… The Division Builds. State of the Game.TL;DR mod slots are absolutely the best major attributes on gear slots, and should always be prioritized over other major attributes unless for veryI've gotten a chest with 3 slots and a mask with 2. So i know for certain that you can get at least 8 gear mod slots. Gear in The Division 2