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You may need to file and pay Minnesota AMT even if you did not have to pay federal alternative minimum tax. Common reasons for this include any of the following: You claim large gambling losses as deductions on federal Schedule A.

What’s in the Tax Bill, and How It Will Affect You - The ... Alternative Minimum Tax. ... Gambling Losses. NOW You can deduct gambling losses but only up to the amount of any gambling income during any given year. Gambling wins and losses reduced my refund by $3800 ... Gambling wins and losses reduced my refund by $3800. ... Alternative Minimum Tax is another tax that runs parallel with income tax. Ask Your Own Tax Question. How to deduct your gambling losses - MarketWatch

An alternative minimum tax (AMT) recalculates income tax after adding certain tax preference items back into adjusted gross income.AMT is designed to prevent taxpayers from escaping their fair share of tax liability through tax breaks. However, the structure was not indexed to inflation or tax cuts.

How the Alternative Minimum Tax Is Changing in... -- The… The alternative minimum tax will apply to fewer people going forward.As the name implies, the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, is a different way to calculate federal income tax in the United States.

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Tax Help: Gambling Winnings and Losses: What You Need to May 26, 2016 · Gambling Winnings and Losses: What You Need to Know. However, losses are not simply netted against winnings to lower or eliminate the amount of winnings reported. The winnings are reported in full and then a loss can be taken separately. The deduction for gambling losses is taken as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Strategies | Dance, Bigelow Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Strategies. If a taxpayer is habitually taxed by the AMT method, it might be appropriate to always use the 150% declining balance method and thereby avoid the preference income. In addition, the Sec. 179 expense deduction is allowable in full for both the regular tax … Proof Is Needed to Deduct Gambling Losses -

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act suspended or trimmed several cherished tax deductions that individuals count on for savings. ... Tax Cut Suspends Many Deductions For Individuals. ... Gambling loss ...

How To Escape The Alternative Minimum Tax? The AMT is a parallel tax system that has its own methods and rules for calculating tax liability. Put simply, AMT eliminates many of the exemptions, tax credits, and deductionsIf delay is not practical you can also spreading out big gain or losses by structuring payments into several installments. Bad States for Gamblers « Taxable Talk 3. Minnesota’s state Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) negatively impacts amateur gamblers. Because of the design of the Minnesota AMT, amateur gamblers with significant losses effectively cannot deduct those losses. 4. Mississippi only allows Mississippi gambling losses as an itemized deduction.